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CAMP Home Goods Store

Welcome to CAMP! 

Located in the heart of Danville, Kentucky, CAMP is a go-to destination for unique, handpicked home goods and gifts. With a curated collection of vintage pieces, seasonal decor, and unique gifts, CAMP’s desire is to offer the shopper something different, something unexpected.

With many years of experience in interior design and home goods buying, owner Connie Beale created CAMP to offer a more personalized experience to shoppers. With a genuine interest in her customers, and an intuition honed by years of experience, Connie can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

A Danville native, Connie's connection to the historical and charming town runs deep. Her interest in crafts and handmade goods can be traced to the quits and rugs her grandmothers made and the walking sticks her grandfather whittled on his front porch. Her appreciation for handmade items was further influenced by the craftsmen and clients she worked with during her years as an interior designer in the Connecticut and New York areas.

CAMP offers handmade goods from all over the world and highlights local craftsmanship. Among the Kentucky treasures at CAMP are original oil paintings, collages, prints, glasswork, and weavings made by talented local artists. Hand-hooked pillows, leather-wrapped bourbon glasses, and cardinal-inspired items showcase the Kentucky spirit.


With a focus on individuality, Connie strives to avoid the cookie cutter aspect of the typical home goods store. Expect a warm welcome and a genuine desire to know the customer. What sets you apart? What items reflect your style and personality? From the moment you walk in, you're not just a visitor but someone with unique interests and a colorful story.

If you need design help, Connie’s projects have been published in House Beautiful, Country Living, House & Garden, and Veranda. In each presentation, the interior is as unique as the client who inspired it. Ask her for advice or for an in-depth consultation. She loves space planning and making a home function in a way that makes living there easy and enjoyable.

Connie's outgoing and personable nature extends beyond providing mere home decor suggestions. Are you looking for hidden gems to explore around the area? Are you seeking out the best local eateries? Do you like to chat about the fascinating local history? Connie is your person! She loves to share her insights into the area to ensure your visit to Danville is remarkable! Undoubtedly, CAMP is more than just a shop; it's where conversation, story sharing, and community flourish.

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At CAMP, we believe your home should be a haven filled with accessories and furniture that exhibit your personality and needs. Make the home decorating process a joy by visiting us in Danville, Kentucky. Believe that you deserve to be surrounded by things you truly love and not just what you think you’re supposed to have. Come explore the unique finds at CAMP.